Slot Overview of RagingPop

RagingPop is the eleventh PopWins game developed by Avatar UX, demonstrating the series’ continued success. Studio RagingPop has relocated from MonkeyPop’s ‘country of the rising sun’ to some other far-flung locale for RagingPop. They’ve landed this time in the swaying grasslands of Africa, a favorite slot location, and brought with them dynamic reels, growing rows, ways, and perhaps substantial random multipliers.

RagingPop may not have the same instant appeal as MonkeyPop, but it still manages to look good because to its clever implementation of several of the genre’s defining aesthetic elements. There’s a babbling brook, some golden grass, some acacia trees, some mountains in the distance, and mostly blue skies. When the bonus round begins, the sky opens up in a bizarre twist involving the weather and it pours. Even if it’s just a little bit unusual, it’s always appreciated. The game is a reflection of the studio’s rapid growth in a short amount of time.

RagingPop’s 6×4 reel set may not include any animals in the background, but players can expect to see plenty of them whenever they spin the reels. Starting with 8,196 win ways each spin in the standard game, this number may increase to a maximum of 235,298 thanks to PopWins during free games and the Raging Rhino bonus feature. Since it pays for matching symbols both left to right and right to left, beginning with each reel’s outermost position, it opens up a lot of possibilities. This very volatile slot has a return to player value of 96.34% and a betting range of 20 p/c to £/€40 per spin.

Online slot games often include rhinoceroses whenever the word “raging” is used. The rhinoceros is RagingPop’s highest paying icon, earning 15 times the wager for a full house. The crocodile, buffalo, and leopard pay 5 to 6.25 times the wager for a full house. Lower on the paytable, you’ll find the J through A card ranks, which pay 1-1.5x for six of a kind. This is followed by the mids, which include butterflies, fish, and birds, and are worth 3x the stake for six. Finally, wilds supplement wins by standing in for any pay symbol, however they are restricted to the bonus game’s free spins.

Slot Features in RagingPop

The PopWins mechanism introduced by Avatar UX is the game’s central innovation. This controversial feature may be accessed in RagingPop’s free spins bonus round alone. When a winning combination occurs during free spins, the winning symbols are removed and replaced with two new symbols, making the reels taller. If another win is made, the process starts over, albeit the reels can grow to a maximum of 7 spots high.

Horned Reaper

The Raging Rhino feature can happen at any time during the main game or the bonus game. When this happens, the reels can expand to show 5, 6, or 7 symbols, and a multiplier is created that is added to any win. The maximum multiplier is x500.

Bonus Turns

Scatter symbols are worth 10, 15, 20, or 30 free games, respectively. The PopWins feature allows the reels to expand to 7 places high, but they reset to 4 positions high at the beginning of each free spin. The reels also increase in height by one symbol for every ten consecutive free spins and remain at that height for the duration of the bonus. However, before the free spins begin, players can use the gamble wheel to try to increase their winnings. There are many tiers to the gamble option, from which players may take home 15, 20, 25, or 30 free games. If you lose the bet in the first level, you’ll be taken back to the main game, but if you lose at a higher level, you’ll enter the bonus round and receive less free spins, as shown by the wheel.

Spend Money on a Bonus

A basic free spins trigger may be purchased for 100x the stake and can be gambled for more wins, or players can spend 500x the bet to receive 30 free spins immediately.

Slots: A RagingPop Judgement

When the firm behind an Avatar UX slot machine goes with a tried-and-true concept like CherryPop or PapayaPop, the games do quite well. It rivals their best work to date in terms of professionalism and ease of use. A couple twists in the gameplay might go either way, depending on your perspective. That PopWins wasn’t a part of the original game was the biggest surprise. That’s weird. To put it another way, it’s like using a Megaways slot machine for the first time without Reactions. However, this doesn’t damage the game in any meaningful way, and seasoned players shouldn’t be affected after a few spins.

The Raging Rhino’s random appearance makes up for the lack of other elements, but without PopWins, RagingPop’s main game is one of the dullest in the genre. Raging Rhino could be the best PopWins slot to switch to if you’re the type of player that enjoys Megaways without cascades. This means that RagingPop’s free spins bonus round is more important than in any other PopWins game. This is when the action really begins, with potential prizes of up to 20,000 times the initial wager. RagingPop also has a gamble wheel that is more forgiving than others created by Avatar UX. When you lose a bet on one of these wheels, you may be forced to pay with all of your free spins. At least from the second level onward, players will get some free games even if they lose.

RagingPop isn’t the best option for those seeking a feature-rich PopWins environment. RagingPop’s pop potential is limited in comparison to the others in the series. Maybe it’s a good indicator that Avatar UX doesn’t try too hard to wow you by including every conceivable effect. The studio seems to be focusing more on theme presentation than on going full out with functionality, if this and MonkeyPop are any indication. RagingPop may not be the pinnacle of PopWins gaming, but it does show that Avatar UX is making efforts to improve the quality of the platform.






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