Angola is not exactly a hub for online casinos. Due to the recent legalization of online casinos in the country, the gambling industry has not had sufficient opportunity to expand. Nonetheless, a pair of low-quality websites have recently emerged from hiding.

However, there are numerous international online casinos operating in the country. This article will inform you of the online casino landscape in Angola and the applicable laws on the subject.

Gambling’s Past in Angola


One line would suffice to describe the annals of online gambling in Angola; there is none. The 2020 Presidential Decree No. 131/204 authorized online wagering in the jurisdiction. The history of physical gambling is slightly lengthier, but not significantly so. The act was made lawful in 1970 and the law was modified in 2016.


Angola Gambling Law

Angola does have gambling regulations, and these laws also apply to online gambling. However, because online wagering was only recently legalized in the United States, it is not yet adequately regulated.


The laws of Angola have made certain forms of wagering legal. As a rule of thumb, however, any gambling activity that is not licensed is deemed unlawful due to the incomplete nature of gambling laws.


Since online wagering in Angola is largely unregulated, there is no licensing or registration procedure. There are a handful of online casinos functioning in Angola, but the vast majority have international licenses.


In Angola, there have been discussions about instituting a licensing procedure for online casinos. Additionally, authorities are cracking down on the regulation of existing casinos in order to make them safer for participants. According to LCB, however, land-based casinos in the country require a license from each of the country’s 18 provinces. And the National Lottery Company regulates these casinos in Angola.


Casinos on Land in Angola

The market for land-based casinos in Angola is monopolized. According to the majority of sources, Plurijogos holds the largest market share in the Angolan wagering industry. As a result, Casino de Angola has been established as a nationwide chain of casinos.


Multiple casinos are located in the heart of Luanda, Ingombota city, Belas, and Lubango, among other locations. Many of the chain casinos of Casino de Angola are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing gamblers to visit at their leisure and choose their games.


The casinos provide some of the finest slot machines and table games, such as poker, blackjack, baccarat, and online roulette. A few of the casinos include hotels within their facilities. With the hotels’ conference rooms, you can conduct a casual business meeting with refreshments and entertainment planned in advance.


Gambling’s Prognosis in Angola

The government is taking steps to regulate it and transform it into a sustainable industry now that it has been legalized. However, it is too early to determine whether a brand-new online casino has the potential to be a major success in Angola.


Angola’s online wagering regulations are centralized at the federal level. This is to protect both the operator and the player, so that neither confronts legal issues when providing or receiving the services.


To obtain a license for operating an online casino in Angola, the operator must contact the Gaming Supervision Institute (Instituto de Superviso de Jogos). The regulatory body has also stipulated that the company must be based in Angola and that its primary focus must be on wagering, among other requirements that can be found on the official website.


Taxes are a potential obstacle for the expansion of online casinos in the country. According to Angola’s General Tax Code, the tax rate on online gambling prizes is extremely expensive, at 15%.


Again, we cannot give a definitive opinion because there is so little information available. However, it is more probable than not that online gambling in Angola is a relatively small industry. Considering the widespread destitution and high tax rates across the nation, the outlook for the online gambling industry is bleak.



The majority of the time, we recommend these trustworthy online casinos for real money. The Angolan government has layered regulations and mandated licenses to create a safe environment for Angolans who visit online casinos.


However, this becomes problematic when attempting to access a blocked website or one that lacks the required licenses and registration. We only endorse the casinos we’ve listed after extensive research. These casinos are reputable, licensed establishments that will not vanish with your hard-earned money.


However, this does not imply that these are the only reputable Angolan online casinos available. You are free to locate an online casino on your own, so long as you understand the risks involved.



We have provided an abundance of information about casinos in Angola. If you are still confused, however, we have provided answers to some of the most frequently asked queries below.


Are online casinos permitted in Angola?


Yes, online casinos are permissible in Angola. 2020 saw the legalization of online wagering via Presidential Decree No. 131/204. In the absence of a regulatory body for online wagering in Angola, operators must obtain a license from the Gaming Supervision Institute (Instituto de Superviso de Jogos).


Which online casino in Angola is the best?


888 casino is one of the finest online casinos available in Angola. The casino is licensed by the Gaming Supervision Institute and provides gamblers with a safe platform. The casino also provides an extensive selection of table games and slot machines from some of the industry’s top software developers.


Which online casinos in Angola offer the highest payouts?


It is difficult to determine which casino in Angola offers the best payout. When comparing casinos, we take a holistic approach. However, if we had to choose, we would choose Betway casino.






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